Calculate Your Dog's Human Age

Enter the age and weight of the dog to obtain an estimate of the animal's human equivalent lifespan.

The human equivalent age of this dog is:

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How is the estimate determined?

The basis of the calculation is 10.5 human years for each year of the animal's life, also taking into account weight and other age-related factors. Heavier dogs have a shorter life expectancy.

We utilize the latest techniques in this tool to estimate a dog's lifespan. Our calculator takes age-related factors into consideration to provide an accurate estimate of the human equivalent age.

If you are concerned about the health of your pet, consult a veterinarian to enhance the quality of life for your companion. This professional can determine the dog's lifespan with greater accuracy.

Table of average equivalence (10 kg)

Stage Animal Age Human Equivalent Age
Puppy 6 to 9 months 0 to 14 years
Young Adult 1 to 7 years 14 to 49 years
Mature Adult 7 to 12 years 49 to 84 years
Senior 12 to 15 years 74 to 83 years
Geriatric Above 15 years Above 83 years